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100% natural flavor

Everywhere in the world we are happy with everything that tastes good and pure. That is what you can expect from Vicco. A drink that gives you energy. No alcohol, hence the name ‘malt’.

Vicco is made with attention to natural ingredients.


All our Vicco products are manufactured and packaged under very strict hygienic conditions to meet the required quality standards and taste that Vicco consumers expect.

Vicco Malt

Rich in proteins

Vicco Malt is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and contains many natural vitamins. Vicco Malt optimizes your stamina, performance and your concentration.

Fruity taste

Known for its fruity taste! This premium drink will give you the fruity sensation you’ve never had before!

Vicco Fruit

Vicco Milk

Tastefull every time

Vicco Chocolate Milk. Suitable for any occasion! It is an everyday drink, appreciated for its great taste and quality!